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Experience Counts!

We have done THOUSANDS of Brazilian waxes!

Yes you read that correctly. Yet quite often I hear “It’s been on my bucket list to do but I’m too nervous” or “OMG I’m too big to get this done” or “I had one done once 10 years ago and had a horrible experience!”

We understand that you get nervous- it is an intimate service and not something you go just anywhere to have done. But believe me, any woman can get it done if that’s what you want. (btw men do it too, we just don’t offer it here!:)) We have ladies of all sizes and shapes. You are NOT the hairiest, biggest, palest, least flexible or whatever else your concern is. We have seen it all. Truly-everything!

Some common questions we get are:
“Can you tell if I have had a baby?”
Yes I can! With that C-section scar – not by your vagina!!:)

“I have hair in my bum? OMG I”m sooo embarrased!”
Yup, everyone does- you just can’t see it unless you can contort your body like you a part of Cirque de Soleil!

“OMG I will die of embarrassment if you are staring at my vagina! How do you do this every day?”
It’s our job and we know what we are doing! We are not analyzing and comparing your vagina to everyone elses!! To be honest when waxing I am thinking about things I need to do just like you do at work- What do I need at Costco, what will we have for dinner, what time do my kids need to be at their activities?! We are focusing on removing the hair and that’s it! We talk, we laugh, we make the experience the best we can for you:)

We have all types of ladies coming in from soccer moms to bariatric patients to military choir ladies to dance moms to students. I’m not going to say that every brazilian wax is perfect and pain free but I will promise you a professional service by myself or Viviana where we will distract you from feeling uncomfortable and make the service as fun as it sounds! ?

What can we do to make things easier for you?
Two things: Our October special is three brazilian waxes with Viviana which can be purchased through Shopify

We also sell Zenza numbing cream which REALLY helps reduce any discomfort
**Please note this cream needs to be put on BEFORE your appt and therefore must be purchased ahead of time**

If you would like to book an appointment go to schedulicity.com, search for Spa Olivia and book under Brazilians


I love going to Spa Olivia, I'm always feel welcomed and that they know who I am (not just a paying customer), the conversations are lively and you always feel included. 



I highly recommend Spa Olivia. It is a relaxed but professional home spa and Connie and Viviana are absolutely wonderful!



Highly recommend Spa Olivia!


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