If Our Walls Could Talk Oh The Stories It Could Share

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If Our Walls Could Talk Oh The Stories It Could Share

At Spa Olivia we have done thousands of Brazilians. Yes really, thousands! That’s a lot of ladies in our waxing rooms!
This is all thanks to you, so take a bow.

Without your referrals we wouldn’t be where we are. Brazilian waxing is a very personal service and I take it as a personal complement that you trust me with your lady bits.

So many times I hear “My friend recommended you after seeing reviews on Facebook. Then she gave us all the OK to come in!” My favourite is “You make me feel so comfortable- I feel like I’ve known you for years!” We work out of my home so it’s already a “comfy” environment.

We don’t care what size you are. Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful!

We are an inclusive spa- judgement free zone

We have many ladies who come in who are nervous about their bodies. I don’t care what you weigh or if you have a jiggly belly or if you are very thin and inflexible. My waxing table holds more than 400 pounds and if that doesn’t work we will figure it out.

So for all of you who have thought it might be easier to shave down there – I’m going to tell you the truth- shaving that area is hard to do! It’s hard to get things smooth and when it grows back it itches like crazy. People tend to shave for convenience and I get it.

When you wax there are soooo many benefits:

  • It’s smooth! The area will stay hair free for a couple of weeks and when it grows back it’s soft! You’ll hardly notice it growing in!
  • The more you wax, the less hair grows back- it’s such a great thing- the hair gets thinner and weaker because it’s pulled from the root. Shaving cuts a blunt edge causing a rough, course feeling with regrowth.
  • Your skin doesn’t get any razor burn!
  • It only has to be done every 4- 6 weeks.
  • It gets easier and quicker each time and the results are amazing!


I love going to Spa Olivia, I'm always feel welcomed and that they know who I am (not just a paying customer), the conversations are lively and you always feel included. 



I highly recommend Spa Olivia. It is a relaxed but professional home spa and Connie and Viviana are absolutely wonderful!



Highly recommend Spa Olivia!


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