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Kids Kids Kids!

As most of you know I run Spa Olivia, a home spa and mobile spa in Ottawa. For the mobile spa about 80% of my business is kids spa parties. We start as young as 5 but the majority of the kids are around 7-10 years old. Having a daughter that age I do struggle with the appropriateness of the whole spa thing for young girls. I love to see the girls choosing bright funky colors with patterns, crackle and sparkle on them. I love to sing and dance and chat with them during our parties. However, I recently saw a young girl (7 years old) with a french manicure in gel nails and I have to admit it bothered me. She seemed too young to wear fake nails on an everyday basis. It’s not something I promote but it’s tough to walk that fine line.

As I enter into the competitive dance world with my daughter, I am watching these young ladies with the fake lashes, foundation, concealer, liquid liner and more, caked on for their performances. Even though I am a spa owner I have never really been a “girly girl”. My nails are rarely done, and I don’t wear much makeup. It’s hard for me to admit my daughter owns many pairs of fake lashes and loves it. I own none. The question is how do we balance getting done up for a competition with what’s appropriate to wear on a daily basis. I explain to my daughter that a lot of makeup is needed so people can see her better while she is on stage. That amount of makeup is not appropriate otherwise and some of the girls are almost unrecognizable up close. At what age do you let your daughter wear makeup? It seems to be getting younger and younger and I do feel some blame because of my business. My focus is to have the kids have fun, communicate with each other (by talking, not by their iphones) and trying to close the gap between kids and adults. I can have fun asking about their lives and they ask me questions too. Some of the best parties I had were because the girls connected with myself and my team. They had real questions and felt comfortable asking them which made me very happy.

With these “reality” tv shows depicting dance moms, cheer squads and more we have to remember that these are done for entertainment and don’t really reflect the everyday world at least in my experience.

It’s time to hug our girls, dance with them, have a conversation, and yes we can get our nails done and enjoy our time together. It won’t be long till they worry about their own daughters.


I love going to Spa Olivia, I'm always feel welcomed and that they know who I am (not just a paying customer), the conversations are lively and you always feel included. 



I highly recommend Spa Olivia. It is a relaxed but professional home spa and Connie and Viviana are absolutely wonderful!



Highly recommend Spa Olivia!


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