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10 Ways To Prepare For Your Brazilian Waxing

10. Let the hair grow. You need at least 3 weeks growth after shaving but I prefer 4 or 5

9. If the hair is long you can trim it. There are many clippers you can get that will trim it down. Best length is between 1/4 and 1/2 inch. If you can’t trim it don’t worry about it. It will all be fine…

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Experience Counts!

We have done THOUSANDS of Brazilian waxes! Yes you read that correctly. Yet quite often I hear “It’s been on my bucket list to do but I’m too nervous” or “OMG I’m too big to get this done” or “I had one done once 10 years ago and had a horrible experience!”

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You Get What You Pay For

We are all watching our pennies. It’s difficult as women and moms to spend money on ourselves without feeling guilt. So we shop around to get the best price. That’s great except we need to make sure we are getting the best price for the best value.

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What Are You Waiting For?

In all this uncertainty about job security why leave it up to chance? How many of you wonder if your job will be there tomorrow, next week or next year? Many people have asked me about how and why I started my own business.

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Kids Kids Kids!

As most of you know I run Spa Olivia, a home spa and mobile spa in Ottawa. For the mobile spa about 80% of my business is kids spa parties. We start as young as 5 but the majority of the kids are around 7-10 years old…

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Cloudy With A Chance Of Eyebrows

What do we notice first on Flint Lockwood’s dad from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – It’s what we call “strong brows! :)” I often have clients calling me saying they have a horrible uni-brow and can I please help them!

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Waxing Down Under

As I was looking at my reports for my most popular service I already knew the answer. The Brazilian! I have so many brazilian clients that my friends call me the “Stittsvillian Brazilian”! I get so many questions about this type of waxing so here goes…

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