Waxing Down Under

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Waxing Down Under

As I was looking at my reports for my most popular service I already knew the answer. The Brazilian! I have so many brazilian clients that my friends call me the “Stittsvillian Brazilian”! I get so many questions about this type of waxing so here goes:

Does a brazilian wax hurt?
The short answer is yes! If it is your first time getting waxed there it’s not the most amazing experience. However; there are ways of reducing the pain that I will share later on. Most people say it’s worth the pain.

What is the difference between a bikini wax, bikini plus and brazilian?
– A bikini wax is the removal of hair from outside your underwear in the front.
– Bikini Plus is the bikini wax plus I go about an inch in and down between the legs.
– The brazilian is the removal of all the pubic hair including the bum. Some people choose to leave a small patch at the top or a small “landing” strip.

How long does it last before the hair grows back?
The hair usually grows back within 4-6 weeks. Even after the first waxing the hair will come back thinner and less coarse.

Should I get a brazilian if I can’t tolerate any pain?
Ummm probably not:)

Is there a certain age that people get this done?
I have women off all ages that come in. It crosses age, size, colour- everyone does it!

What’s the benefit of brazilian wax over shaving?
The waxing leaves a smooth finish that lasts 4-6 weeks. Shaving is something you will do more often and leaves stubble that is coarse. I always tell my clients ” If you are going to wax then wax, if you’re going to shave then shave- don’t mix it as you lose the benefits of both!”

Can I exfoliate after getting a brazilian?
I would recommend waiting at least 24 hours before you do that. The skin will be tender.

Do you need to be a certain size to get a brazilian?
Absolutely not! I have girls that are super tiny to very large. A vagina is a vagina and everyone has the right to get whatever waxing done:) Seriously I have clients of ALL sizes.

Is it ok if I bleed from the waxing?
It is common to have some blood as the skin is tender there. I always wear gloves and never ever reuse the waxing sticks so there is no chance of cross contamination.

Do you have to get naked when you get a Brazilian wax?
From the waist down, at least. You can have those fake paper underwear things, but really, what’s the point?

Can I go tanning after getting my brazilian done?
I would recommend waiting 48 hours for your skin to settle and the pores to close. Otherwise the spray may cause major irritation to your skin.

How long does the hair have to be?
It should be about 1/2 inch for the best results. If it is longer, it’s in your best interest to trim it. Otherwise it will make for a more painful experience.

How do I make it less painful?
If the hair is around 1/2 inch then the wax can make contact with the hair and the skin. If the hair is too long the wax will get stuck and become matted causing more pain. Some people take ibuprofin before coming in but most people are fine. It’s short term pain for long term gain:) The more you do brazilians the less coarse and thinner the hair becomes making it a much less painful process.

Is it embarrasing for you as an esthetician?
No:) I see many vaginas all day long. Yours is not the first or the last. My job is to remove the hair. I always talk through it and we always end up laughing and laughing. It’s a positive experience. The anxiety of the waxing is worse than actually getting it done.

Do I cancel if I have my period?
Most people prefer not to get waxing done at their time of the month but I certainly have done some. If you need to come in, clean yourself up, put a tampon in and expect a bit more pain because everything is more sensitive.

Can I get a brazilian done if I am pregnant?
Of course! I have many ladies 9 months pregnant wanting it done before they go in to have the baby. If you are concerned talk to your doctor.

Will you put me in weird positions?
No! The majority of the time you will be lying on your back. I will ask you to pull the skin to make it tight so that I can get the best pulls. If you are able to pull your legs back it’s helpful but usually as long as you can open your legs up I can get the hair. To do the bum I ask you to turn onto your side and open up the bum cheeks. No acrobatic moves required!

Does it hurt to get the bum done?
No, in fact I always do it last. Everyone says that they expect it to hurt but it really doesn’t.

What’s the most painful part of the brazilian?
The part where the hair meets above the labia is the coarsest hair so it’s usually the most painful. I do that part first and I let you know what to expect. If it’s done a little at a time it’s not that bad. I wouldn’t rip it all out at once!!:)

I’m embarrassed to come in. Should I just do it at home?
You can try but it’s not usually successful. I have had many people come in with torn skin and uneven waxing done. It’s tricky to get into the right positions when you are doing this to yourself. I have a lot of experience doing these and it’s fine for me. You are not alone. Today I have 6 brazilians booked!

How long does it take to do?
For the first appt I book about 30 minutes. Usually it’s done in less time than that. For my regulars it takes me about 5-7 minutes to do.

How do I find an esthetician to do this?
Please ask for information wherever you go. Sadly we are not taught enough in the schooling on the proper techniques. Ask how much experience the person has doing brazilians. Don’t feel bad being choosy. It’s your body and you have the right to make an informed decision. Ask for referrals from other clients. I have many clients that would let you know their experiences and other estheticians would as well. Make sure the esthetician never double dips with their sticks and always wears gloves.

Do men and women get this done?
Yes, both genders do but I only have female clients for this.

Good luck ladies and let me know what you think and if you have any other questions!

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Happy waxing!!



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